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Meditation & Chant

in the style of Taizé 

8pm on the 3rd Friday of every month

Each month, we hold a service of meditation and chant in the inspired by the form of prayer used by the ecumenical comment of brothers in Taizé, France. Their tradition of simple chant, short readings, and silence, has helped countless people experience prayer in a reconciling and healing ministry.  To learn more about Taizé, you can visit their website: click here.

Our service is a time of prayer and meditation with silence and singing, short readings and prayers for peace, justice, and mercy.  Most of the chants and prayers we use are provided by the Taizé community, though we do add some chants that have emerged from other communities inspired by Taizé. We also usually include one hymn or carol appropriate to the season. 

All are welcome to join us for this time to take a deep breath and find some peace in the midst of the busy, hurried pace of life around us.