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Help us Sustain our Two Eric's Butterfly Garden!

We have dedicated a portion of our church grounds to be cultivated into an environment that supports butterflies, to memorial two wonderful people: Eric Reed and Eric Wasson - read the story of the two Eric's here.

The Garden is a beautiful and peaceful place to meditate, pray, reflect, remember, and gather for meaningful friendships - for all who use our buildings and grounds, for our neighbors, and for the larger community.

To sustain and expand this beautiful garden, we need partners! Financial donations will help us cultivate the plants that provide a habitat for butterflies.  Volunteering opportunities are fun, community buildings opportunities to get our hands in the earth for healing and beauty - green thumbs welcome!

To donate online click on the PayPal button -->  

Off-line or in-kind donations (material, time, or other resources), are also welcome: click here to send us a note, or call 650) 593-4844 and ask for our Butterfly Garden coordinator.

Thank you for your interest in the garden and butterflies - an ancient sign of resurrection.  Come visit and enjoy this holy ground!